At Crowder Stewart LLP, we handle business litigation for clients in Augusta and throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Our business litigation attorneys can represent clients who are facing a lawsuit, appeal, or other form of business dispute. Our clients come from a wide spectrum of industries, from health care professionals and practice groups to small-business owners to institutional securities and banking firms.

Providing Strong Litigation and Appellate Representation

When selecting a trial attorney for litigation or for appellate purposes, it is essential to consider several factors. One must look at the attorney’s experience as well as the skill to create and deliver an effective trial strategy. For an appeal, the attorney must have a compelling and persuasive writing ability and the ability to present it in oral argument.

Our attorneys are trial-tested advocates with proven records of success in state and federal courts. When a client faces civil lawsuits as well as criminal allegations and administrative law issues, we are prepared to represent him or her on all fronts.